State-of-the-Art School Facilities in North Sydney

At Reddam House North Shore, we provide learners with a supportive, stimulating learning environment. Our exemplary campus spans 9,000 square metres and is fully equipped to deliver top educational provision, including academics, sports, and the creative and performing arts. From cutting-edge classrooms to expansive outdoor spaces, each area is thoughtfully curated to cultivate creativity, focus, and a love of learning.

Our new campus is a shining example of an ‘urban vertical school’, boasting a modern design that incorporates the vision of Inspired schools worldwide. With a focus on sustainability, the campus features adaptive heritage reuse and ambitious zero-carbon principles.

The architectural vision is brought to life on the famous site on 41 McLaren Street, designed by renowned Austrian-Australian architect, Harry Seidler. Known for his innovative and modernist approach, Seidler's design philosophy emphasises functionality, aesthetics, and the integration of natural light and open spaces. His visionary style is evident in the school's sleek lines, dynamic forms, and harmonious blend of contemporary and heritage elements. Seidler's architectural mastery ensures that all facilities are not only visually striking, but also conducive to an inspiring and effective learning environment. 

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Campus exterior render
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High school library

Modern Purpose-Built Learning Facilities

Exemplary learning facilities give students the best possible start to their education. With 54 general classrooms, we have ample capacity for delivering stimulating lessons across year groups, and Years 7 to 12 enjoy access to our 5 state-of-the-art science labs. Multiple libraries, study rooms, breakout spaces and a senior resource centre complete the complement of dedicated learning areas allowing children to unlock their full academic potential.

Our new campus will be equipped with premium facilities to support a diverse and dynamic learning environment, including:

  • Massive 8,000m2 of floor space, boasting 54 general learning classrooms
  • 5 state-of-the-art science labs for Years 7-12
  • Arts, design & tech areas
  • Music studios with 12 practice rooms
  • Sports hall and auditorium
  • Outdoor terraces with play area
  • Multiple libraries
  • Multipurpose breakout spaces
  • Dance studio
  • Senior resource centre and study rooms
  • Stunning roof terrace with views of Sydney Harbour

Nurturing Spaces for Extracurriculars

Our wide selection of extracurricular facilities allows pupils to hone their unique talents, discover new interests and cultivate a broad skill set. Reddam House North Shore boasts dedicated arts, design and tech areas, a dance studio, and music studios equipped with 12 practice rooms. Our students can gain valuable experience in the performing arts in our modern auditorium, building confidence in a professional, aspirational setting. Children can also explore sporting and physical activities in our sports hall and outdoor terraces with play areas.

Break out space
Dining space

A Convenient Location

With its ideal setting amid bustling shopfronts, lush parks, and excellent public transport options, Reddam House North Shore offers a unique blend of urban convenience and natural beauty, providing students with a well-rounded environment for growing and learning.

Our school enjoys a strategic position that boasts not only proximity to the new Victoria Cross metro station, but also easy access to main motorways, and public transport. This integration ensures Reddam House North Shore is an accessible nexus of learning, amidst the vibrant commercial and residential life of the city.

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