The process of admission at Reddam House North Shore allows families to become familiar with the nature and expectations of our program and our community. Likewise, we seek to become acquainted with each applicant as an individual and learn about the talents and strengths each one has to offer.



Entry points at Reddam House North Shore are Kindergarten, Year 3 and Year 7. Applications for non-intake years are welcome; however, vacancies are unpredictable, limited and can vary from year to year. We can only consider applications for any year group if places are available. For Kindergarten entry, priority will be given to our current House ELS families at our Lindfield and St Leonards campuses.

Changes to the waitlist year and year group can be made at any time by accessing the application portal. The application date remains the same.



To lodge an application with Reddam House North Shore, please proceed to the website to lodge an online application form. You will require a copy of the prospective students birth certificate, immunisation history, copies of the applicant's most recent school reports and NAPLAN results (if applicable) and payment of a non-refundable application fee of$306 (inclusive of a 1.2% credit card fee).

Once Reddam House North Shore is in receipt of a completed application, it will progress the waiting list for the projected point of entry (this process is not automated). An applicant can only be on one waitlist at a time.

For Kindergarten applications, Reddam House North Shore follows the NSW guidelines that your child must be 5 years old by 31 July or turning 6 years old in the year of entry.

For Year 3 applications, we commence the review process 24 months prior to the entry year in application date order. In reviewing applications, consideration will be given to academic ability, and non-academic interests and achievements.

For Year 7 applications, we commence the review process 24 months prior to the entry year (application date is not considered). In reviewing all high school applications, consideration will be given to academic ability, and non-academic interests and achievements.

As a co-educational school, maintaining a healthy gender balance in our multicultural and diverse school community is considered with other factors during the review process.

Applicants on the waiting list are notified by email and are required to reconfirm their interest and upload two recent school reports, NAPLAN results (if applicable), and any additional information that may be relevant to your child's application.

Following this review process, the Principal will invite selected students for an interview (high school) or a meet and greet (primary school). If successful, a formal offer of enrolment will follow. All offers of enrolment are at the discretion of the Principal.



Each accepted applicant is sent a formal letter of acceptance with a request for payment of a non-refundable* acceptance fee of $4048 (inclusive of a 1.2% credit card fee). The fee does not go towards the tuition fees. Reddam House North Shore also requires that both parents confirm acceptance of enrolment in writing. Following the receipt of the acceptance in writing, the receipt of the acceptance fee and the terms and conditions being signed on the application portal, the applicant's place at Reddam House is secure.
Once a student is enrolled, the prerequisites for continued enrolment are:

  • A minimum attendance rate of 80%
  • To maintain an SCI of at least 60%
  • To adhere to the Discipline Code at all times
  • To ensure that all School Fees are paid up to date

If your child does not take up a place that has been offered and accepted, you may make a request in writing for your child to be considered for a subsequent point of entry.
If a place is offered and accepted for this subsequent point of entry, no additional enrolment fee will be payable.
*Subject to the school receiving all the necessary regulatory approvals.



Reddam House North Shore is unable to involve itself in any family law matters. In case of all families, including divorced or separated parents, Reddam House North Shore will assume that prior to contacting the School, both parents are in agreement to the Application of Admission being submitted and the possible enrolment of their child.

Unless otherwise stated in Family Court Orders, both parents are required to provide their contact details on the Application form on our platform OpenApply, and, should a place be offered both parents must sign the Acceptance of Enrolment letter.



Should a parent wish to transfer their child to a different Reddam House campus, a Student Transfer Request form must be completed and sent to the Principal for approval.



Should parents wish to withdraw the student from the school, they are obliged to provide at least one term’s written notice to the Principal. In such an event, parents shall be required to pay a reasonable cancellation penalty, which shall be equal to one term’s fees (if the notice is given in the first week of the students proposed final term) or two term’s fees (if the notice is given later than the first week of the students proposed final term).
Notwithstanding the expiry of the term’s notice period, the student shall be entitled to remain at the school for the period in respect of which the cancellation penalty is calculated, subject to the remaining terms and conditions.



Pupils who leave Reddam House North Shore for any reason will not be automatically accepted if they wish to return. Pupils who wish to return should reapply and provide current documents and academic reports. Any offers will be dependent on availability at the time.
Acceptance of an enrolment offer for returning students will require the payment of the difference between the original acceptance fee paid and the new acceptance fee due.



In reviewing applications, factors such as children of alumni or siblings of current students will be considered; however, this does not guarantee an offer of enrolment.



Academic Scholarships are offered to students entering Years 7 to 11. Scholarships allow for partial or full remission of tuition fees throughout a student’s secondary education. Academic Scholarships for students are awarded on the performance of the Scholarship examination, as well as the information and documentation provided during the scholarship registration process. Scholarship exams are held annually in March for entry into the following year and registrations open in mid-January on our website. All offers of scholarship are at the discretion of the Principal.



In preparation for commencement of school, the family is emailed an enrolment pack. This pack includes detailed information regarding uniforms, technology, calendar and a contact directory. There is also a requirement to complete forms on the checklist in the application portal.
Orientation days are held for Kindergarten, Year 3 and Year 7 and information about these is sent to parents as soon as dates are finalised.



Reddam House North Shore welcomes applications for admission from abroad. International students are those that hold a Visa Sub-class 500. This must be supplied when submitting an international application. Students who are Permanent Residents should apply as local students.
Please note that places for international students at Reddam House North Shore are extremely limited and we will consider each application in relation to other applications received for this year group. Usually, candidates need to have academic scores of 90% or better from the best overseas schools. They must also live in accommodation considered satisfactory to the school and submit a copy of their student visa. Overseas students under 15 years of age will only be accepted if they have a family member living in Sydney.
Please note that for all High School entry, we will assess applications based on academic ability, and non-academic interests and achievements. The next step is to invite applicants to an interview with the Principal (or a Principal’s representative) and if successful, proceed with a formal offer of enrolment.



Reddam House North Shore reserves the right to change the Enrolment Policy at anytime without notice.

Last reviewed March 2024