Cultivating a Diverse Global Community

Reddam House proudly cultivates a diverse student community, and our school welcomes applicants from many countries, including non-Australian citizens and non-permanent Australian residents. When applying for a place at Reddam House North Shore, international students are required to submit visa documents and meet other specific criteria to ensure that they will get the most out of their school experience. 

Application forms must be accompanied by a copy of the child’s student visa. Most international students at non-government schools hold a Visa Subclass 500 (Australian Schools Sector). Depending on the country of origin, visa applications may be onshore or offshore. 

International applicants are required to complete an Intensive English course at an ELICOS College (minimum 20 weeks) and obtain an ESL score of 5-6 for Upper Intermediate Level English. In addition, their accommodation must be considered satisfactory by the school.

Please note that places for international students at Reddam House are extremely limited and we will consider each application in relation to other applications received for this year group. Overseas students under 15 years of age will only be accepted if they have a family member living in Sydney.

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