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Choosing the right private school for your child can lead to unlimited opportunities in their future. Our school will prepare your child to achieve their greatest ambitions, with a pathway to leading universities and success in their chosen career.  Best-in-class teaching ensures students become academically accomplished, alongside a generous co-curricular programme to help them develop into well-rounded individuals. Our new campus has state-of-the-art school facilities, to maximise students’ performance in class and beyond. 

Below, you will find the indicative school fees, based on the current fees applied by our sister schools for the 2024 Academic Year. Please note that these figures are only estimates and may be subject to adjustments.

Year Level Annual O/S Annual
K $27,110 $33,325
1 & 2 $29,160 $35,400
3 & 4 $33,883 $40,140
5 & 6 $35,590 $41,710
7 & 8 $38,636 $46,566
9 & 10 $40,960 $48,722


A late fee of $60 for quarterly fees and $25 for monthly fees will be added to your account if your fees have not been paid by the due date.

Any fees overdue after 30 days past the due date will incur a further interest charge of 5% on the overdue balance and this will be added to your account on a weekly basis.

Returned Direct Debits will result in an additional $10 cost recovery fee.

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